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Assessment lets teachers see what progress your child is making and provides teachers with information which assists them to plan how to help pupils make further progress.

Target Tracker

Target Tracker is the system that teachers use to track the progress & attainment children in EYFS and from Year 1-6. Teachers use this system every half term to record where your child is at and for leaders to be able to measure the progress children are making.

The National Curriculum has been written to give Age Related Expectations (ARE) for the end of each year. As children travel from Year 1 to Year 6 in our school, they are tracked against these Age Related Expectations. At OLSG we use Target Tracker to support our tracking and ongoing assessment of children.  

NFER Tests

Children complete NFER assessments tests in maths and reading every term from Year 1-6. The tests will give an age standardised score which will help your child’s teacher plan for the next steps in your child’s learning. The will also help their teacher to be confident in their judgements as to where your child is at in their learning.