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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

As a Catholic school, our faith is at the heart of our existence. Our values and beliefs are expressed explicitly in our Religious Education programme and are implicit in the life of the school. All children are taught to value each member of God’s family and each child is taught that he/she is unique and special.

The school has a Mission Statement to help guide us:-

 With Jesus We Join Together to







 Our Lady and St George’s Primary serves the multicultural parish communities of Our Lady and St George, Walthamstow, and Christ the King, Chingford, in the diocese of Brentwood. We play an active role in preparing children to become responsible members of this community. The school reflects the values of the Gospel, reinforcing forgiveness and building upon the children’s own experiences to maximise their opportunities. It rewards pupils of all abilities and encourages co-operative learning and shared goals while ensuring that the talents of individual pupils can be expressed and developed. The school provides a safe, caring environment for all staff and children.